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July 22, 2010

Finished Girly Girl Quilt

I don't have much time because we have to run out the door in a few minutes to celebrate my brother-in-law's 23rd birthday, but here are a few quick photos of the finished Girly Girl Quilt. I'm mailing it off to my cousin in Kentucky tomorrow morning!


  1. I like the colors in this quilt...I am curious - what is the neutral fabric you have used? Is it osnaburg? Did you prewash your fabrics? I know - so many questions - it's just that I have a whole bolt of osnaburg and am looking for ideas to use it but I'm concerned it might shrink a lot more than standard cotton fabrics...
    Congrats on your win from Oh Fransson!!! Have fun with those colorful fabrics!

  2. hi jenn!

    the neutral is some pure linen i had left over from another project. i had to google osnaburg, and i think it's the same (or a close relative) of linen.

    it was a really great fabric for this baby quilt because i prewash all my fabric, plus i wash my finished quilts to get that crinkly look, so the double washing made the linen incredibly soft.

    hope that helps!


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