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January 31, 2011


I'm about to get all Medieval on the sewing repair guy. I'd had a bad experience with them before, but decided to give them another shot after hearing from other people that they'd had good experiences there. But after 3 days of hearing, "It'll be ready tomorrow. I'll call you back.", I'm about to resort to fisticuffs.

So needless to say, I'm still doing nothing but handwork. I finished the hexie center of my 3rd bee block for the Quilting Divas, and have moved onto number four. All I need to do is sew the rows together and I'll be finished with that center as well.

Bee block for meg_kay77

Bee block for Samilou


  1. I hope you get your machine back today! Beautiful Bee blocks! I love the colors.

  2. Your hexies look great. Maybe you'll get your machine back soon. I would hate to hear of you going balistic.

  3. Hope you get your machine back soon! Lovely hexies :-)

  4. I hear ya! My machine went in last summer for a tune up and replacement of factory recalled parts "that should take 10 business days" and I got it back 9 weeks later!!!! Good think it was summer and I don't sew much in those months. I hope yours is ready today.

    The hex blocks are fabulous!!!

  5. darn store! I hope that they are more reliable with their classes! ;)

    I take it you are not coming over today? You can use my machine whenever you need!


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