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April 30, 2012

The Usual

Whiskers is snoozing on the sofa (sleeping all day really wears a pup out)...

Whiskers, as per usual

 ...and I'm sewing (pardon my murky photos...twas dark outside by the time I finished piecing).

Fun with Cosmic Burst

I'm currently working on some new placemats using a charm pack Cara sent me of her hubby's fabulous new line, Cosmic Burst. She was sweet enough to send me some after I gushed about it's summery delightfulness, but I just now got around to playing with it due to the Great Neck Injury of 2012. Hopefully I'll be caught up on all my backlogged projects soon *crosses fingers*

Fun with Cosmic Burst


  1. I love the Cosmic Burst line. I told my hubby I would love that fabric for mothers day. Oh and wanted to let you know I got my stash package from you today. They are wonderful and beautiful. Thank you so very much. I will make something very pretty with them all.

  2. Whiskers is so cute! Love the placemats and glad you're recovered from the great neck injury!!

  3. I can't wait for you to feel all better!
    and I want to copy your placemats idea... would look great so scrappy. Oh wait, I don't have a dining room table... scratch that idea.
    Hi Whiskers you cute thing! Where have you put your hat and pipe?

  4. Nuh-huh! Whisker's isn't snoozing, he's working on the FPSI index on your pillows! LOL Too cute! Love the placemats, will have to look for the fabric in the store. Very nice!

    Sandy A

  5. I'm loving where you're going with those placemats... such a great design.


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